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What's Hot 07.03.17

Author: Caroline Elwin

Added 3 years, 8 months ago.

What's Hot


Fresh In

Best Quality Local

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

x10 Bunches

Please contact your account handler for more information






UK Bramley, Howgate Wonder.
UK, Russets, French Granny Smith and Braeburn,
Belgium Conference Pears  
Spanish Strawberries, Mexican Blackberries, Chilian Blueberries, and Dutch Red Currants. Spanish Raspberries are getting tighter,
Dutch forced Rhubarb, Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb
Ruby Grapefruit, and Marsh is starting to tighten up.
Saville Bitter Oranges
Egyptian oranges available although large oranges are tight.
Lady red plums
Red & Green Grapes
Premium quality Banana
Italian Kiwifruit
Honeydew, Cantaloupe & Galia Melon – Watermelon are going to go very short for the next two weeks
Various nuts
Medjoul Dates and Ravier Dates 
box Clems
Loose 5kg Chestnuts.
French vac-packed Chestnuts now in.
Hazel nuts 20x300g
Mixed Nuts 15x400g
Walnuts 12x400g
Almonds 15x400g
Pecan 20x300g



Cornish Jazzy Midds looking great.
French Agata Midds also with us.
French Ratte,Violetta and Pink Fir Pots.
Jersey Royals Starting soon
V/p Corn on the Cob,
New season Spanish  Bunched Carrots
New Season Bunched Beetroot direct from Spain
French Loose 5kg Heritage Carrots
Spanish 6kg Calabrese,Nice and fresh ,Prices easing !
Tender stem Broccoli.
English Red and Green Kales.
Pre-packed and Bunched  Cavolo Nero Cabbage from our local farm.
Purple Sprouting from the local farm.
Cornish Spring green looking crisp and fresh !
Cornish Cauliflower with us, looking nice and fresh
English Savoy and January King cabbage 8ct/6ct
Portuguese Hispi Cabbage 15ct looking nice and fresh
Fresh Spanish  Broad Beans and Peas
English 5/6ct Celeriac.
English New season Mixed Chantanay Carrots
Parsnip looking good.
Devon swede
Carrots selling well,
English  Leeks coming thru really nice.
New season Spanish Onions.
Red Onions, Finished with English Now working Dutch.
Dutch Ware onions


Lime quality is excellent with 48’s and 54’s and 60’s on stock.
Mangoes are ripe and ready to eat.
Physallis is on special offer this week.
Passion fruit looking fantastic.
Avocadoes are ripe and ready to eat and looking very good.
Kenyan Fine Beans –Are still a little short due to drought in Kenya.
Mexican 20 x 250g asparagus looking very nice with lower prices.
Thai Baby Corn looking good with prices decreasing.
MT & Sugar Snap – Looking fantastic with Egyptian on stock.  
UK & African Baby Veg is very short.
Sweet Potato –Excellent quality L1 and XL with a fresh container in this week.
4kg, peeled and string garlic all looking very nice with good quantities.



Green/Red/Yellow/Tri-colour Peppers are coming a bit cheaper.
Salad Cress is fresh in.
Mixed Baby Leaf and Rocket are back to full availability. Please speak to Account Manager for an update on the price.
Iceberg is on special offer this week - Fresh Spanish x12’s on stock.
Fine Endive has started to come slightly cheaper.
Little Gem, Lollo Biando, Lollo Rosso and Oakleaf and there is good availability.Ask your account handler for prices.
Organic Watercress is back to full availability. We are receiving daily deliveries.
Radicchio is good in colour and size.
Aubergines and Celery are all there.
Egyptian Spring Onions are back to full availability. We are currently working a x60 count which is flying out!
Beef Tomatoes are coming a little cheaper now – Moroccan x30’s on stock.
Cherry Tomato x9 P/P, Cherry Vine Tomato, Heritage Tomato, Plum Tomato, Vine Tomato and Classic Tomatoes are all available.
Cherry Plum Vine Tomato (Lobello) look fantastic!

It’s always good practice to wash products before consumption, Any questions please contact our technical department


From Our Farm

Kale Green pp or Bunch  prices increasing due to high demand
Red Kale Bunch lots available
Black cabbage  bunch available x10 
Jan. King, Savoy, Red cabbage
Purple sprouting  x 10 bunches Special offer good volumes this week
Jerusalem artichoke   
Beetroot Candy, Golden x 5 kilo
Chard Rainbow Bunch Indoor great product
Swiss Chard Bunch Indoor          

Howgate Cooking apple
Bramley Apple
Russet x 70




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