BlogWhat's Hot 12.09.18

What's Hot 12.09.18

Author: Caroline Elwin

Added 2 years, 2 months ago.


Top Fruit,
New season UK Bramley Apples Local Discovery apples, New Season UK Packham Pears, UK Conference and comice pears (from our own farm)

Brazilian Royal Gala, New Zealand Braeburn, Chilean Granny smith apples

Best Quality UK strawberries, available but because of the cold nights volume is limited
Dutch Redcurrants are available
UK Raspberries,
UK Blackberries availability is limited
UK Blueberries Wye Valley

Southern Hemisphere Lemons
Fantastic Easy peelers.

South African marsh and ruby grapefruit
Small, medium and large oranges available.

Stone Fruit
Medjoul Dates
UK Victoria and Marjorie seedling Plums and damsons, available from our own farm.
Spanish Peach and Nectarine, and flat peach

General Fruit
Kiwi fruit
Red & Green Grapes.
Galia and Cantaloupe melons, Honeydew and Water all okay
Cobnuts are available, but volume is limited.


New Season Cornish Jazzy  Midds with us.
Cornish New Potato 12.5kg with us now. Please call for best prices.
New season French Ratte and Violetta Potatoes with us
New season Baking Potatoes on stock.

New season Green/Red Kale and Cavolo Nero
English Summer Cauliflower very short and prices rising
English 8ct Savoy  fresh from the Farm
English P/P Spring Greens from our own farm.
English Iced Calabrese with us.
Local Runner Beans with us
Vac-pak Sweetcorn back with us.
Fresh English Corn on the Cob, straight from the farm every day
Beautiful English Courgettes from our own farm with us, Call for best prices.

Root Vegetables
English New season Bunched carrots and Beetroots.
English New Season Heritage carrots looking good!.
New season Heritage and  English Chantenay Carrots.
New season Parsnips always on stock every day.
New season Piccollo Parsnips now with us.
Leafy Celeriac 6ct
Beautiful Scottish  swedes delivered daily.
New Season English Leeks delivered in daily.

New season Spanish Red Onions now with us.
Spanish Onions direct supply, now new season.
French Round and Banana shallots looking nice.
New season Dutch 5kg Pickling Onions.

Squashes and Pumpkins
New season 10kg English Mixed Squash.
English 10ct Marrows with us. 


Baby veg
Baby veg from our farm are looking fantastic with fennel, turnips and three types of beetroot
Baby leeks are now coming off our farms and look spectacular
English baby orange carrot are looking lovely
English baby rainbow carrot are still very short, there is foreign available in small amounts
Baby corn is fresh in and looking lovely
English baby courgettes are looking fantastic.


Red and green chilli 4 kilo price is levelling out and stock is looking good
Birds eye chilli are in short supply at the moment.
Bullet chilli and padron peppers both starting to come through from the farm and looking fantastic.

Chinese 4 kilo Garlic nets fantastic price
we are continuing our special offer on peeled garlic.

Garlic strings are fresh in daily
Ginger is going extremely short for the upcoming weeks, please speak to your account handler

Exotic Fruit
Avocado ripened look very good.

Lime prices are increasing
Ripened mango available.
fresh physalis now has much better availability
Passion fruit is fresh in and looking good

Exotic Legumes
Peruvian asparagus is slowly starting to come down in price now.
Rwandan beans are looking great.
English fine beans are having a break for 2 weeks but will hopefully be back at the end of september.
Mt and Sugar snaps are finishing in Zimbabwe so we will be moving to Kenyan.
T/T beans are in strong supply and at good money
Tenderstem prices are stable, English and Kenyan available.

Exotic Veg
Sweet potato prices are rising slightly.
Squash South African medium and large.



Salad bags
Florette sample available on request

Prices very high this week some cheaper alternatives available also we have Caparros brand starting at the end of the week

Baby leaf
Caterers choice premium brand special offer please speak to your account manager
New leaf available from Westlands Petite leaf 4 x 250 gram
Chinese leaf  x 8 uk available
English Iceberg very tight for the end of the uk season

Lettuce Speciality
Spanish Endive looking fantastic however going short from spain  please call for a competitive quote. English  cos, Gem, Biondo, Rosso and Oakleaf looking fantastic and prices expected to increase ,
English Radicchio has arrived and looks amazing priced to sell
please speak to your account manager for prices .


Dutch Aubergines prioces to high so not stocking
English Celery price decreasing

Cucumbers are very expensive at the moment
Rainbow & Swiss chard from our farm looking amazing
New U K spring onions X 20 please speak to your account manager for prices
Beef Toms from spain end of the week
Cherry tomato Spanish 30-35 mm
Round tomato from Spain
Vine tomato and Cherry vine from spain new season
Heritage tomato available from Westlands  and cheap Spanish available

From Our Farm

From our fruit farm

Victoria plum     35+  Best graded fruit

Victoria plum     30+  Cheap ticket

Marjorie seedling       Plenty to go cheap offer

Discovery Apple          Tree Ripened  

Cox Apple                     This week

Russet                            This week  

Bramley apple              x44 count very nice pack

Bramley apple               loose               

Baby veg

Baby Beets x 6 Red , Golden , Candy  with leaf or Punnets
Baby fennel x 6
Baby Turnip x 6

Baby leeks x 6

From the Veg Garden
Pumpkins  packed x 4/5/6 available from this week
Courgette green  started late piece plenty of volume for the next 4 weeks
Courgette Yellow
Black cabbage pp Special offer
Black cabbage 5kilo Special Offer
Purple sprouting x10 special offer
Kale x pp x 10
Kale bunch x 10               
Red Kale pp x 10  
Savoy x 6/8
Rainbow chard x 10  Mix Bunch
Beetroot x12
Candy Beet
Golden Beetroot
Heritage Beetroot
Beetroot Cylindrical x 5 kilo
Flat Parsley               
Curly Parsley           


Chilli Green Bullet, serenade
Padron pepper
Scotch Bonnet
Big sun
Mix Chilli x10 x 150 gram
Radish Bunch

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