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What's Hot 17.08.16

Author: Caroline Elwin

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What's Hot

Products of the week
Fresh In
Local Cougettes
Call your account handler to hear the full range of products and place your order.


UK Bramley
Granny Smith and Braeburn,  
Superb UK berries, Strawberries, Blueberries, and redcurrants. Juneberries
New season Nadacotts  available
Southern Hemisphere  Lemons price still very high
Red & Green Grapes
Premium quality Banana
New season New Zealand Kiwifruit
Honeydew, Watermelon, Cantaloupe & Galia Melon -
English Outdoor Rhubarb from our farm\\\\
Spanish Apricots
Victoria Plums now available from our Farm
UK Cherries


New Season Cornish Potatoes  with us ,looking fantastic !
Cornish Mids coming through really clean.
V/p Corn on the Cob
New season English Corn on the Cob
New season English Courgettes looking fantastic. Please call for prices!
English Marrows.
English Bunched Beets, Red Golden and Candy.
English  Bunched Carrots.
English Bunched Heritage Carrots.
English ice packed  Calabrese getting tight over the next week. Prices rising !!
Dutch Calabrese on stock
Kenyan Tender Stem Broccoli.
English Red and Green Kales.
Pre-Packed Cavolo Nero Cabbage from our local farm.
Cornish spring green looking crisp and fresh !
English Cauliflower 12ct cauli,prices tightening!
English Savoy cabbage 10ct
Dutch 5/6ct Celeriac withy Tops
New season English Chantanay Carrots now with us.
New season Parsnip looking good.
New Season Devon swede
Carrots selling well,
English  Leeks coming thru really nice.
New season Spanish Onions.
Dutch Ware onions
English Runner Beans and Bobby Beans
English  Peas looking fantastic with good volumes coming through


Mangoes better availability
Passion Fruit good availability
Physallis -  looking better
Kenyan Fine Beans - New long life pack
Peruvian 20 x 250g asparagus looking fantastic
Thai Baby Corn is back to good quantities
Stone green Limes in 48’s, 54’s and 60’s
Garlic is very short in all varieties and the cost is increasing daily.
MT & Sugar Snap –  loose and pre packed in good supply
UK & African Baby Veg with baby beetroot now available.
Mixed Chillies in punnets are very limited
Jerusalem Artichokes looking fantastic
A fresh container of American Sweet Pots in mediums, L1’s and Extra-large
Good supply of normal and ripened avocado however price is increasing.


Dutch round toms are going up in price. We have good Polish as a cheaper alternative.
Dutch Green pepper prices are still strong but again Polish is available.
Heritage toms look fantastic.- Prices are coming cheaper.
English cherry toms are coming cheaper in price.Dutch prices are fairly strong.
English Radicchio is available and is looking good
ENGLISH Rosso, oak, endive and mix lettuce looks really good and is selling well.
Spanish Endive - Is going short. English is available.
Baby spinach is more plentiful.
Baby leaf quality is good sell with confidence.
Dutch cucumbers are very short and very expensive.
English Iceberg is available and looking good.
English x20 spring onions are available and look good along with Mexican 84’s

It’s always good practice to wash products before consumption, Any questions please contact our technical department.

From Our Farm

Baby Beetroot x 6 Candy,  Golden and Red Punnets
Baby Leeks and Baby Turnips
Green Chilli  good volumes
Red chilli small quantity this week
Naga Chilli
Padron pepper 

Bunch Beetroot x12
Beetroot candy bunch x 10  Golden x 5 kilo
Chard Rainbow
Swiss Chard
Purple sprouting  Limited
Savoy x10
Courgette Green good volumes prices increased
Yellow Courgette
Round Courgette

Plums Vics, Damsons and some PP x 27 x 300 gram
Apples Discovery later in the week


Your Suplier of Westlands Micro herbs

Your Supplier of Uk grown Livesey Brothers Mushrooms

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