Warehouse Storage

Discover our state-of-the-art Distribution Centre in Pershore, Worcestershire, strategically located near major road networks. Our temperature-controlled warehouse provides an optimal environment for cross-docking, picking, sorting, and stock management, as well as short and medium-term storage solutions to accommodate seasonal peaks.

Compliant with BRCGS Standard for Storage & Distribution, our 75,000 sq. ft. facility offers flexible and efficient solutions tailored to meet your supply chain requirements. Equipped with separate compartments featuring temperature regimes from +0.5°C to +14°C, alongside drive-in racking for maximum capacity utilisation, we ensure versatile storage for various product types. With our expertise in the fresh produce sector, our chilled warehouse and distribution operations consistently meet high standards to fulfill our customers' needs effectively

Fresh Produce Warhouse: Boxes of fresh produce stacked on a pallet

Warehouse Picking

Our skilled picking teams excel in various tasks, including breaking down incoming pallets, container destuffing, stock picking, and pallet assembly with multiple products to meet our customers' orders efficiently.

Fresh Produce Warhouse: Boxes of fresh produce stacked on a pallet with a forklift

Cross Docking

We offer a swift and economical consolidation service tailored for Growers and Importers, ensuring daily delivery to all scheduled destinations. Our capability to combine consignments from various suppliers for onward delivery to shared customers enhances efficiency and competitiveness, especially for those handling smaller consignments.

Fresh Produce Warhouse

Stock Management

Our aim is to empower our customers to concentrate on their core business activities while we expertly manage their stock and supply chain processes. Thanks to our adaptable approach, this system benefits all parties involved. With extensive experience working alongside major importers and growers, we excel in efficiency and timely communication, enabling us to swiftly process and deliver orders according to our customers' specifications. We prioritise stock rotation based on customer preferences, whether it's First in/First out or Shelf Life requirements. Daily stock reports are promptly emailed to our customers, providing them with accurate stock information at the beginning of each marketing day.

Fresh Produce Warhouse: Boxes of fresh produce stacked

Quality Control

Our dedicated Quality Control Team meticulously inspects produce upon arrival, during storage, and prior to release, assessing quality, temperature, and any potential damage. Digital photographs of selected produce are taken and promptly sent electronically to all customers along with comprehensive reports, adhering to our stringent quality control procedures. In the event of significant issues, our team notifies customers immediately via telephone, awaiting further instructions before releasing delivery vehicles.

Fresh Produce Warhouse: Boxes of fresh produce stacked on a pallet being quality checked


Our advanced Distribution fleet provides nationwide delivery to Wholesale Markets, Secondary Wholesalers, and Fresh Food Supply Companies across the United Kingdom six days a week. We offer a flexible same-day/next-day collection and delivery service tailored to meet individual customer needs. We offer our distribution service to Growers and Grower organisations nationwide.

For urgent orders, we offer an Express Delivery service using refrigerated vehicles ranging from 1 ton to 18 tons. All our vehicles are equipped with Telematic Satellite Navigation Systems for efficient tracking of deliveries. Additionally, our trailers feature state-of-the-art Temperature Controlled Systems, set at +5 degrees for mixed loads and optimised temperatures for specific product types.

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