Our Story: From Field to Fork

FerryFast is a proud family-owned business with a rich history in the fresh produce industry.

In the late 1970s, Bob Byrd and Nick Gorin joined forces, and B&G Nurseries laid its roots. Since then, it has grown from two glasshouse sites to an expansive 400-acre land, featuring meticulously tended nine acres of glasshouses. Initially, we focused on harvesting fresh produce for wholesalers, sowing the seeds of our journey.

In 1980, FerryFast Produce emerged as an outlet for B&G's homegrown treasures, quickly expanding to market produce from other local growers. Situated on Boat Lane, Offenham, within the farm, FerryFast found its beginnings in a small office space.

Responding to the need for self-sufficiency, a few years later FerryFast Logistics took shape, accompanied by a fleet of lorries. The logistics division was created to service the sales and marketing operation, but soon they began servicing their own base of customers. With Offenham's tight confines challenging HGV manoeuvring, a shift was imperative.

The early '90s saw a significant transition for FerryFast Produce and Logistics to Honeybourne Airfield, Evesham. This provided abundant space for both sales and logistics to thrive. In 1995, FerryFast extended its already extensive cold storage facilities by 50%. In 2002, the move to Ascot Road, Pershore, became essential, fuelled by the demand for expanded facilities.

In 2008, Worcester Produce joined us. Since 1969, they have specialised in marketing fresh produce to caterers. Originally located in Worcester Market on Hylton Road, Worcester, Worcester Produce had moved to Cromwell Street, Worcester, paying homage to its heritage. Worcester Produce swiftly became the conduit for B&G Nurseries and local growers to reach caterers across the Midlands - including hotels, restaurants, schools, and the care sector.

2011 proved pivotal as Worcester Produce became a part of the FerryFast family in Pershore. This expansion enabled Worcester Produce to offer not only an extensive range of fresh produce but also a comprehensive selection of dairy and chefs' essentials.

Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Worcester Produce extended its services to households across the Midlands, providing safe and contact-free deliveries right to residents' doorsteps. Throughout this period, Worcester Produce, along with FerryFast Produce and FerryFast Logistics, operated as essential keyworkers, dedicated to ensuring a steady supply of fresh produce to local communities across the UK. This commitment even extended to delivering crucial PPE supplies to local NHS trusts and assisting with prescription deliveries for a nearby GP Practice.

In 2023, P&A Fruit joined the FerryFast family as a respected fruit and veg importer and supplier to wholesale markets in the UK and Ireland. Importing from Italy since the early '90s, P&A Fruit seamlessly integrates with FerryFast Produce and Worcester Produce, enhancing our offerings.

Today, FerryFast Logistics operates a fleet of eleven 44-ton artic lorries and four class two trucks, guaranteeing punctual deliveries of both FerryFast Sales and external customers' produce to Wholesale Markets, Secondary Wholesalers, and Fresh Food Supply Companies across the UK. Meanwhile, Worcester Produce manages a fleet of thirteen vans, ensuring caterers across the Midlands receive fresh produce six days a week. Our unwavering commitment to delivering the freshest produce remains at the heart of everything we do.


Wholesale Fresh Produce Evesham : Bob Byrd and Nick Gorin the founders of FerryFast  Wholesale Fresh Produce Evesham : Original B&G Nurseries Flatbed from the late 1970s  Wholesale Fresh Produce Evesham : FerryFast Logistics is created  Wholesale Fresh Produce Evesham : First FerryFast Lorry for delivering fresh produce across the UK Wholesale Fresh Produce Evesham : B&G Nurseries Tractor Driver