BlogWhat's hot 05.06.19

What's hot 05.06.19

Author: Caroline Elwin

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Armagh PGI status Bramley Apples are still very good. French apples are coming to an end with southern hemisphere taking its place, but we still have limited availability of Blue Whale French Pink Lady, Braeburn, royal gala, golden delicious and Granny Smith apples. We also have Argentinian Packham pears. Herefordshire Gooseberries have started. UK strawberries are in full flow, Dutch redcurrants are available, Spanish raspberries are still good, English will be starting around week 23/24. We also have Spanish blackberries and blueberries. Spanish Verna lemons are available as well as Peruvian satsumas and various sized oranges. Medjoul dates and South African plums on stock.  Fyffes Bananas are fresh in daily with pineapples, kiwi fruit and Wye Valley rhubarb are all available. Red & Green Grapes. New season Spanish Galia, Cantaloupe, honeydew  and water melons are now available. We are now stocking coconuts from Ivory Coast


Cornish Jazzy Potato’s still coming through really nice. Cornish New Ware Pots also now with us, New season Maris Peer Cornish Mids are now with us in our Fantastic Demelzas brand, The quality is superb . English Cauliflower is well priced whilst New season English Calabrese is more available this week . New season Bunched  Rainbow Chard from the farm is looking good. Good supply of Bagged carrots, New Season Spanish Chantanay  coming through with steady pricing. English Hispi and English Spring greens looking good from the Farm. Spanish Onions are maintaining firm prices whilst Chilean Onion is making good money, English Ware onions remain very difficult. New season Egyptian Red onions are looking really nice. Cavolo Nero Cabbage from the farm with us, English New season Pea and Broad Beans have started . Leeks now moving over to Spanish new season


Jerusalem artichokes have now finished for the season. Baby beetroot, fennel and turnips are all coming from our farm daily and looking lovely. 4kg garlic nets are looking fantastic and we also have fresh strings, Peeled garlic is extremely tight currently with stocks very limited.  Ginger price has now stabilised. Exotic fruit is readily available, Dragon fruit, kumquats mangos and more. English asparagus is looking fantastic with green, white and purple all being delivered to us daily. Ripened avocado price is fantastic currently, we also have a small supply of birds eye chilli from South Africa.

Spring onions x20 fresh daily, Dutch capsicum are looking amazing,  English cucumber are now in. Iceberg, little gem x20,  Lollo Rosso, Biando and Oakleaf are now English  and  looking fantastic. English Cos has also started please call for prices, English heritage tomatoes are looking amazing with more English tomatoes are now available, cherry tomato and the tigerella  plum cherry are absolutely brilliant at present, Bunched, Rainbow and French breakfast radish fresh of our farm daily.

 From The Farm

Rhubarb has gone short due to dry weather and light yields prices have increased over the last few days

With fresh peas, beans, black cabbage, Kale, spring green next week should see the start of Courgettes too

We have good availability of Beetroots baby spring crop packed to your liking also some Bunch beetroot available , we have a good selection of Radish this week Red , Rainbow and French Breakfast , Baby Turnips,  

Baby Veg
We have a good selection this week turnip, fennel and all beets  


Good Supply of Livesey Product available including Woodland Mixed Mushrooms, Promix, Eryingi Mushroom, Shitake and the mixed loose all sorts tray. We now have good availability of P/P & Loose Oyster.

Polish and Irish mushroom (Cups, Button and Flats) looking good across the board. We are getting a good supply from our growers with prices remaining stable at the moment. Should you wish to implement a program for mushroom going forward then please contact your Account Handler to discuss further.

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