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Best UK Fresh Produce This March

Best UK Fresh Produce This March

Author: Izzy Lavery

Added 3 years, 4 months ago.

March brings the promise of warmer weather and longer days, allowing for growth, greenery and plenty of new life. Our farms are located within the Vale of Evesham, we love spring on the farms as we are gearing up for the summer produce and there are plenty of crops ready to harvest, allowing us to send you some truly wonderful spring fresh produce. 

Two lambs in long grass in spring.

In February, the availability of forced rhubarb increased steadily, unfortunately forced rhubarb only has a short season, and this will begin to dwindle throughout March. Field rhubarb will make an appearance in late March to early April and will continue until late summer. Field rhubarb tends to be less vibrant in colour but more tart in taste, the stems are crisp and release sap when snapped. Field rhubarb is perfect in cakes, crumbles and savoury suppers. 

Fresh Produce: Rhubarb growing in the fields on our farms in the Vale of Evesham

The harsh frosts and snow over the winter has meant that our purple sprouting crop is sweeter and tastier this year. Purple sprouting offers a great flavour and a long harvesting season, every portion has a superb nutritional value, containing high levels of folic acid and both vitamins A and C. Purple sprouting is often served in a range of side dishes, salads, pastas, bakes and alongside traditional roasts.

Fresh Produce: Purple sprouting grown on our fams in the Vale of Evesham

Our Spring cabbage (spring greens) are the first of the cabbages to be harvested in the year. Our cabbages are sown in July and August, and then planted out in our fields in the Vale of Evesham throughout September. Spring cabbages are similar to a cos lettuce in shape although slightly looser in form, and without the normal tough cabbage heart. Spring cabbage is very versatile when it comes to cooking, although many agree they are delicious simply sweated down with butter in a pan.

Fresh produce: Spring cabbages growing on our farms in the Vale of Evesham

Our farm grown baby leeks make their debut in March, just in time for spring. Our baby leeks are thin, with bright green stems and white tips. The stems are crisp, and their tangle of roots are left on to ensure longer storage. Unlike many other baby vegetables, baby leeks are not just little versions of the bigger leeks, they are more similar to spring onions. Baby leeks are easy to cook and clean and pack a lot of delicious flavours. 

Fresh produce: Baby Leeks grown on our farms in the Vale of Evesham

Rainbow chard has two seasons, from June to August and then from October to April. Our rainbow chard will continue to be harvested throughout March and has large, deep-green leaves with thick, vibrant fleshy stalks. Rainbow chard is often used to brighten up many dishes. Both the leaves and stalks can be eaten, although they should be cooked separately as the firmer stems need a few minutes longer. 

Fresh produce: Rainbow chard growing on our farms in the Vale of Evesham

All of this plus much, much more is available to order. Please get in touch with our sales office to order your fresh produce. 

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